by Arm's Reach

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released March 12, 2016

Engineered/Mixed/Produced by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE



all rights reserved


Arm's Reach Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Disinformation Age
Spending most of our time obsessing over fictional lives
Eyes glued to computer screens
Entranced by social networking

I can’t believe in
I can’t believe in a society
With such high regard for celebrities

Why can’t we just put the remote down, and pay attention
Instead of filling our time, up with distraction

Give me my sports and my drink
Don’t want to feel
While my mind starts to shrink
Ignoring the world and it’s pain
No opinion
It’s easier to distract the brain

I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in humanity
I don’t believe that we can remedy

In an age where stadiums are coliseums
Distract the people and dumb them down with bad ideas

While they militarize the police legislate away social liberties
Profit over people the American way welcome the disinformation age
Track Name: The American Dream
Go to college that’s what they said
Get a degree you’ll get ahead
What they forget to tell you is you pay for it
Student loans you’ll get buried In debt

Then they say get married
Get a job, new car, and a home
Take out another loan
Don’t forget that the banks own all the money
Its your future that their running

Politicians always lying
While the top and the bottom keep dividing
Using politics to control us all
Freedom isn’t real the rich rule the law.
the rich rule the law.

Throw the rest of us into jail
Set up the system so we all fail
So we all fail
So we all fail
So we all fail

The American dream IS DEAD
We’ll all fail no matter what they said

The American dream IS DEAD
Living a life but we can’t pay for it

The American dream is dead

The American
Dream is dead.
Track Name: Profit Over People
If money equals power
Then money rules everything
The cost of living rises
While minimum wage stays the same
Even if we raised the wages
They would raise the rent
Corporate greed is constant
Can’t let their profits take a dent

This is not
The America our parents lived in
This is not
The country they describe back then
No longer the land of prosperity
The middle class continues to shrink
Increasing economic disparity
When did this all begin to sink?

I can't understand how we can
Be so distracted
By pop culture, sports, and entertainment
Can someone explain where our rage went?
Over a world where the rich are above the law
Where the corporations rule us all
Where the government is in their pockets
Where they own all of the media outlets

We didn’t build this world
But its up to us to tear it down
Track Name: SJW
Your feigned outrage is grotesque to me
Always offended by every single thing

Act like moral police
and tell us what to think

You like to pretend you're so tolerant
The first one to point out another's offense
Hiding behind your precious keyboard
Social justice warrior you won't be ignored

You come off insincere
and we're not buying it

Your perceived transgressions
are only social stunts
Your moral high ground
Is just a
Is just a
It is just a front
It is just a front

Shallow arguments hidden
Behind moral superiority
Just to gain the approval
Of the majority

While we argue over whats considered inflammatory language
Starvation claims countless lives and it's preventative

How can you be so narcissistic?
No one cares about your social politics

Real fucking problems exist on this earth
The world doesn't care that your feelings are hurt